Okay, hi, this is Ash from WebFresh.
We really started the company out because I was just fed up with seeing people that I work with, my own customers, just being messed around, ripped off.

Using all these companies, I’m not going to name any names, but they all do it, whatever host you’re with. It’s like most things in life, if you don’t know what you’re doing, people take advantage and people are overpaying their domain names,

their web space and they’re using templates which don’t match their image. So I realised what is going on here. For a while, whether you’re Wix, WordPress, Shopify, they serve their purpose, they get you up and running.

But to be honest, when someone comes to your site, most people will either see something broken, something not working, or there’s a mismatch between what you said on social media when they’ve met you perhaps in person or seen on LinkedIn.

So really, that’s what I’m here to solve. It’s purely a service. It’s an offshoot of we do AR and VR. It’s an offshoot of our main service, which we do charge for. So if you’re a startup or you’re based in a local area, community, we’ve got a scheme where we can help if you give a donation. It’s part of our policy to help and give something back.

Don’t worry, but if you’re a commercial company and you can pay, then we’ve got an instalment thing where you pay £10, £20 a month for a year. So you get really good value. You can be up and running, see the value, get some business in and we can do our magic andyou can see if it’s worth what you say.

So you wouldn’t, for example, go get a McDonald’s template, get their sign and stick it up in your store and just change the M to a V or something, would you? This is effectively what people do with websites. They get a template which has been modelled by designers, by web developers, and it’s been stuck on a template and then you call it your website. Sometimes it works and sometimes that’s all you need.

My research, I’ve been for all people’s sites and they’re either down, they’re broken, there’s no clear call to action, the above the fold is wasted. And my view is, and I’m sure if you’re a business owner, my view is that by the time somebody’s come to your site, you’ve lost them.

You’ve done all the hard work and really all you’re saying is just go somewhere else. You’re not serious. Or they get to your site and they can’t differentiate. Are yo some scam? I don’t want to name any countries out of the country. Or are you a genuine local guy and your website, your design, your banner, your call to action should all reflect that.

A video, a motion design or a portfolio piece should demonstrate that. We’re here to solve all those problems and help you with that. So do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Even if it’s just an appraisal, we’ll look at your site and we’ll say what could be better and we’ll give you tips where you can get some stuff done yourself as well because you can do a lot yourself without us. And if you get stuck, we’re still here for thatand beyond. Hope that helps. Thank you.